Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions
Accelerate and secure Exchange, OWA and Lync

Coyote Point understands how to deliver the Microsoft applications people use every day...faster, more reliably, and with lower total cost of ownership.

We created our deployment guides for products like Microsoft Exchange 2010, Lync Server, Outlook Web App (OWA) and Windows Terminal services to help you put an Equalizer Application Delivery Controller in front of your Application servers quickly so you can start realizing the benefits of deploying advanced Application Delivery right away.

Coyote Point deployment guides use real-world application configuration and workflow to minimize the time you spend configuring Equalizer and ensure that it fits your application environment precisely. Equalizer offers advanced platform Application Delivery Controller features that maximize your investment and reduce your costs. These guides and the Equalizer documentation will help you to:

  • Ensure application availability
  • Reduce application latency
  • Maximize bandwidth and server utilization
  • Distribute traffic optimally across your server farm
  • Offload resource-intensive SSL processing
  • Provide client-server persistence
  • Intelligently load balance requests based on content

Qualified Microsoft Vendor

Coyote Point's Equalizer® is a qualified hardware load balancer for Exchange Server 2010.  Please click here for more information on qualified vendors from Microsoft.

Read one of our deployment guides today to see how easy it is to put a cost-effective Equalizer to work with your Microsoft applications.

Deployment Guides and Whitepapers for Microsoft Products:

Exhange Server 2010

Exhange Server 2013

Office Communications Server/Lync Server

Outlook Web App

Windows Terminal Services

SharePoint 2010 Deployment Guide