Since 1999 Coyote Point has set the standard in load balancing and application delivery solutions at price points that any business can afford. From simple server load balancing to enterprise-grade global traffic management, Coyote Point can meet the needs of almost any sized business. You can find Coyote Point solutions in small companies to the largest of Fortune 500 firms including USA Today, Motorola, and Comcast.

The entire line up of Equalizers and virtualization solutions meets or outperforms competitive products costing up to 3 times as much. You pay for what you need and don’t have to buy option after option to get a solution that fits your business requirements. The award-winning Equalizer product line has long been recognized for its rock-solid reliability, ease of setup and management. Plug in an Equalizer and it provides years of worry-free service, usually outliving the applications and servers it was originally purchased for.

Equalizer ADCs
Hardware and virtual ADC/GSLB solutions packaged to meet your needs.


Compare features or find the product that best meets your application delivery needs.

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